Couples Therapy: Dr. Hoffman uses an approach that seeks to increase the couple's ability to communicate effectively and therefore resolve the issues that are causing the marital dissolution. Using a solution focused approach and emphasizing communication techniques, couples can recreate strong partnerships and avoid permanent separation. 

Adult Psychotherapy: Dr. Hoffman provides a safe, supportive, confidential, and professional arena to discuss personal issues. Dr. Hoffman is a licensed psychologist with experience in helping people deal effectively with times of mental anguish which may include anxiety, depression, and mental illness. 

Co-Parenting Counseling: Dr. Hoffman helps divorced parents learn effective ways to raise their children together. He has helped hundreds of parents develop ways to communicate and function as parents even during challenging times. Children at all ages need both parents and co-parenting counseling helps parents find ways to negotiate and practice the techniques that will lessen the negative effects of divorce and separation on their children. 

Child and Adolescent Therapy: helps children deal with the difficulty of divorce or other stressful issues in their lives. Divorce and separation is difficult for most children and it is completely out of their control. Dr. Hoffman is skilled at helping children process and communicate their feelings as well as helping them find positive ways to behave that will meet their needs. 

Family Therapy: Dr. Hoffman is an experienced family therapist who uses a solution focused model. Family therapy may involve different family members at different times depending on the issues that need to be addressed. When families are functioning well, everyone in the family functions better individually. Dr. Hoffman also understands the contributions that race, class and culture make and therefore help families to draw upon the strengths of these influences. 

Reunification Therapy
: When a parent and a child have lost contact or need to reunite in order to begin to create a positive relationship, Dr. Hoffman can assist both parent and child in the process.  The process is designed to be for the child and in their best interest.

Parenting Education is a part of all services on an individual basis or as part of a specific parent education class. Dr. Hoffman has expertise in child development and provides consultation about validated parenting techniques. He also teaches at Kids' Turn.